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Terms of Use

Scope and Parties

Our core business is the money remittance market. We provide a service that allows you,

as an authorized customer of our service, to send money from every computer in the world

to recipients (or receivers) in those parts of the world where our distribution network is active.

Quality of Service
Sendineroh works from 9 a.m to 5 p.m  during the working day and the beneficiary usually receives the funds
within a few hours with much less stress.
Transactions may require a color copy of your personal identity document and possible other identification

 according to specific sender & receiver country requirements.

You will be notified immediately during your transaction and will be guided through the process.

If within 42  hours the remittance cannot be executed, we will refund back to the same account

you use to transfer to us, a refund usually takes within 24 hours.

Limitation of Responsibilities

In no event will Sendineroh be liable for any indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages

caused by delay, non-delivery, non-payment or lesser payment for the money transfer, or any

collateral damage.

If Sendineroh accepts a money transfer from the sender, it solely assumes an obligation in favor

of the sender to remit the stipulated amount in accordance with the chosen payment method and

shall not assume any responsibility or liability for any damages resulting from non-payment of the

money transfer to the receiver because the receiver did not collect or receive payment from the entity

delivering payment.

Local regulations

The sender and the receiver are respectively bound to respect all their own applicable national legal

and regulatory rules.

Sendineroh shall not assume any responsibility for any resulting practical difficulties or legal consequences

faced by either the sender or the receiver due to their respective non-compliance of their respective applicable

national legal and regulatory rules.

The aspect of level 1 or level 2 has been abolished, all you need to do is to upload your document for verification

and start sending money from 1 peso to 500,000 pesos in a day. you can not use our services without document verification.

The sender cannot revoke a transaction previously released. If a transaction cannot be completed for a

reason for which Sendineroh is not responsible, the sender remains liable to cover any costs caused by

the unsuccessful remittance.

The delivery receiver has to identify him/herself with a legal document (passport or identification card) and has to

sign a receipt formula confirming that he or she has received the remittance.

The remittance is always paid out in the local currency of the receiver. The bank account of the sender

will always be billed in Pesos.

Irrespective of the chosen payment method (including bank account) in all cases, the eventual contractual

relationship between the receiver and the entity delivering the payment (e.g. bank, Sendineroh and lies outside
the scope of the contractual relationship of the sender with Sendineroh. If a payment method is not

available to the designated receiver, an alternative payment method should be sought, should there

be no payment method available, Sendineroh. will return the amount back to the sender in accordance with

the bank account details originally provided to Sendineroh by the sender.

Exchange rates

The amounts shown on our website in local currency at any given moment are based on real-time

exchange rates. Sendineroh negotiates the best rates on the market for the benefit of our customers,

and the exchange rates are calculated in real-time.

Therefore, the exchange rate applied at the time of completing the transaction may differ from the one

displayed at another moment in our website.

The displayed amounts are always inclusive of Sendineroh’s business fees.

Duties of sender

The sender accepts the fees and tariffs applied as shown in the online calculator available on the website

and the exchange risk inherent in the time-delay between transaction ordering and transaction execution

(provided that Sendineroh uses its advanced techniques and its best effort to minimize such time-delay).

He/she confirms the truth of the identity of both the sender and receiver.

The sender may not disclose his/her account password(s) to anyone else, nor use anyone else's password.

Sendineroh is not responsible for losses incurred by users as a result of the abuse of their passwords.

Politically Exposed Person

By accepting the terms and conditions, you confirm that you do not hold a high-rank public position in your

country or that you are closely related to someone who holds a high-rank public position.

The following persons are considered as closely related to you:

  1. the spouse, or any partner recognized by national law as equivalent to the spouse;
  2. the children and their spouses or partners; and
  3. the parents.
lf you are holding such position or if you are related to someone who holds such a position, you are obliged to
contact our support services.
Any individual holding the following positions is considered as a PEP:
  • Head of State, Head of Government, Ministers and Deputy and Assistant Ministers and Parliamentary Secretaries
  • Members of Parliament
  • Members of the Courts or of other high-level judicial bodies whose decisions are not subject to further appeal, except in exceptional circumstances;
  • Members of the courts of auditors, Audit Committees or of the boards of central bank;
  • Ambassadors, charge d’ affaires and other high ranking officers in the armed forces
  • Members of the Ambassadors, charge d' affaires and other high ranking officers in the armed forces;
  • Members of the administration, management of boards of State-owned corporations.